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Physical Education Office Location Map




The sports room aims at inspiring sports interest, learning sports skills, and improving campus sports atmosphere.

Health and leisure ability, establish the concept of healthy physical fitness, improve health and sports and leisure knowledge, and experience sports

Active fun and improve the quality of life.

   One director of the physical education room, who comprehensively manages the sports administrative business of the school, is hired by the principal with a sports professional

Changzhi is a part-time teacher with one team member.

  The development goal of the physical education room is to encourage the teachers and students of the school to develop lifelong exercise habits and shape the campus sports culture.

Set up a health fitness assessment classroom, implement student physical fitness testing, cultivate autonomous exercise, and build an exercise map

Website, construct a database of students' physical fitness and exercise ability, and improve the healthy exercise ability of teachers and students. And strengthen exercise

Maintenance and planning of venue facilities, handling sports competitions inside and outside the school, organizing sports team training, and promoting teachers and students

The interactive relationship, cultivate good interpersonal relationships.

In addition, strengthen the physical fitness level of teachers and students of the whole school, promote healthy leisure activities for teachers and students, and combine the sports industry to strive for

Taking the citizen camp sports plan as a key project, the future vision is to activate the school’s teachers and students’ sports atmosphere and build the school

Everyone in the park has regular exercise habits, establishes a healthy physical fitness graduation threshold, and trains everyone to have a personal sports professional

Long project skills, the goal of constructing a whole-person education Lohas healthy campus.